The province of Prince Edward Island requires an yearly motorcycle inspection. We can often inspect your bike the same day, stop in or give us a call.

Things that are required on your motorcycle to past inspection 

• Brakes — capable of being operated on not fewer than two wheels.
• Headlight — at least one and not more than two headlights must be on when the motorcycle is being driven.
• Rear lamp and brake light — one rear lamp and brake light. These may or may not be the same light. The licence plate must be well lit.
• Muffler — a muffler in good working order. Inspect the exhaust system for the presence of a sound muffling device, broken mounts, removal of internal baffles or    packing and the addition of any cut-out or   bypass device.Exhaust must meet a decible reading before passing.
• Handlebars — must be securely fastened and not exceed 0.3 metres (12 inches) in height as measured vertically from its point of attachment at the frame.
• Foot rests —for use in the normal sitting position by an operator and passenger where the motorcycle is equipped for carrying a passenger.
• Left side rear-view mirror —must give the driver a view of the highway at least 60 metres (200 feet) to the rear and will not be less than 75 mm in size.132
• Horn — capable of being heard at 60 metres (200 feet).
• Seat — carry only as many people on the motorcycle as it has been designed and built to carry.
• Turn signal lights —amber lights on the front and amber or red lights on the rear are required.